• Just coated my RS5 with ceramic pro gold package. The car looks amazing! It's basically like a mirror and the paint looks perfect.

    Steven Z.
    Newport Beach, CA 8/25/2017
  • Abe and Gino did an excellent job! Gave me a great quote and did a great job on my car. Highly recommend to.

    Rolando P.
    Pomona, CA 4/22/2017
  • Abe is the best! Professional and efficient. My car looks beautiful! Definitely going back if I ever need to!

    Adreena U.
    Whittier, CA 8/30/2017
  • This was my first experience coating my car, and I'd like to say the the service was excellent. The before and after results of my car are great. I'd definitely come back in a year or two to get my car done again.

    Anthony M.
    Placentia, CA 8/29/2017
  • Volt is getting cleaned up thanks you for being opened on Sunday Coat My Car. If your instead of ceramic pro hit them up great prices friendly staff.

    Gino M.
    San Dimas, CA 6/14/2017
  • So good. I have done 3 cars with Abe. I wash my car using only spot free rinse and my own wash mitt at self serve car wash. The car always looks shiny, not just for a month or two..

    James D.
    Tustin, CA 11/8/2016
  • Abe did an excellent job applying Opti-Coat and Opti-Guard on my car. Friendly and professional service with competitive pricing.

    Eric M.
    Irvine, CA 12/30/2015
  • Great work and really stands behind his work. Had a minor problem after applying OptiCoat, but Abe fixed quickly for free. Abe is the only guy who details my Tesla Model S except me!

    Wil M.
    Norwalk, CA 10/23/2015
  • Abe has to be the best and friendliest guy I have had do work for me. He has been cleaning my car and detailing it for a couple years now. I got the Opticoat on my 2013 grey Benz and now On my new 2015 black benz. keeping a black car is hard. but the Optio coat thing he did keeps it cleaner longer. I highly recommend anyone wanting to get your car detailed by anyone to call Coat my car.

    Andy R.
    Los Angeles, CA 10/12/2015
  • Had a simple wax job and headlight restoration on my evo. 8 months had passed and it started to rain and the droplets still beaded off the car. I've never had a wax job THAT good.

    Patrick T.
    West Covina, CA 9/13/2015
  • Abe is one of the best detailers I've ever had service my car. Quality, price, fairness, honest, etc... always improving his technique through continued education. A professional I'm happy to support. Just wish he'd move back to Texas!

    Neil L.
    San Antonio, TX 9/13/2015
  • Great service! Abe has been doing my car for about 3 years now and the result has always been out standing. Highly recommend the opti-coat. It restores the clear coat and adds the extra shine!

    Ryan Y.
    Walnut, CA 9/13/2015
  • The shop owner, Abe, looks at every nook and cranny of the cars he details. He doesn't rush the job; it is high quality work. I bought a used car that came with swirl marks on the outside and a couple stains on the inside. He removed the swirl marks on my clear coat and my car paint looks pristine--it is like a mirror! Though he is an exterior detailist, he went above and beyond to remove stains and stickiness on the interior. His prices are more than fair, and he has a nice secure shop location where i knew my car was safe. My car will only be going to Abe for exterior details!

    Holly W.
    Orange, CA 9/13/2015
  • I always like my car to stand out and look clean, Abe with his excellent and professional work was the answer. We went with the Gold ceramic pro pkg witch makes the pearl paint have a glass shine all the time. He also wrapped my car in some areas and put some very detailed suprises in his work, just makes the car stand out more.. Couldnt be happier with the results. Thanks Abe.

    Juan R.
    Corona, CA 8/30/2017
  • Excellent service by Abe!
    Responsive, helpful and very knowledgeable which is one of the main keys to know your car is getting the best service it can get. Specially when it comes to ceramic coatings, he explained every single step and made things clear from the beginning. Got the Opticoat Pro+ and wow. You have to get this, making your car easy to clean and every time you wash it looking freshly detailed is the best! Definitely worth every penny! Dont think about it.. just do it!

    Xavier B.
    Escondido, CA 8/30/2017
  • I went in to get Opticoat Pro+ applied inside and out to my brand new car. The results were amazing, not only did Abe and his wife meticulously care for my new vehicle but they made it look even better than it did on the showroom floor. They were able to fix a few scratches that were caused by the "detail" guys at the dealership and made it look like it was dripping wet! My favorite thing about this shop is their constant and effective communication. They had my brand new car for a little over a week and I felt comfortable leaving it with them the entire time. They would always reply quickly and they would even send me updates with pictures. I can 100% recommend Opticoat Pro+ for interiors(I found out the hard way but luckily I had Opticoat so the drink I spilled didn't get absorbed by my suede seat and I just cleaned it off with a rag). The look of Opticoat on the exterior is also great, however if you might find yourself in an area prone to high winds and sandstorms would highly recommend looking into their Xpel paint protection film instead. Rocks and Opticoat don't get along, but my car is still shiny! Nonetheless, Coat My Car has plenty of different products that can fit your needs from paint protection to window tint!

    Jacob M.
    Northwest, Denver, CO 5/11/2017
  • Abe does a great job. My boyfriend and I took our 2011 Subaru WRX to him after we realized our headlights were ruined. We had a vinyl wrapping shop install tinted overlays, and they unfortunately did a crappy job on the install. Not only did the headlights have a lot of bubbles, but they used an adhesive that ruins the surface of the headlights, which was SUPER FUN to discover after a late night removal. Yay.
    Abe urged us to come by after we called to ask him about what he may be able to do. He insisted it could be fixed, and it was. He sanded down the headlights, buffed them out, and even sealed them. They look great! He also charged an extremely reasonable price, especially for all the labor it took and on such short notice. Highly recommend.

    Martha G.
    Los Angeles, CA 9/13/2015
  • I recently purchased a pearl white Model S Tesla and wanted to make sure it was fully protected from the elements and the nicks and dings associated with long daily freeway commutes. I wanted to keep my car looking as beautiful as the day I took delivery of it. After much research, I decided to go with Coat My Car in Newport Beach, CA. What a great decision! Abe Carranza, the owner, impressed me with his knowledge and his wonderful attention to detail. I had XPEL (a self-healing protective film) applied to the front bumper, hood, mirrors and fenders and Opticoat (a clear ceramic coat to resist scratching and provide protection from the elements) applied over the entire car. In addition, I had ceramic film (the highest quality of window tint film available) applied to all my windows to keep my interior cool and protected from harmful UV rays. While my car was in the shop, Abe kept me updated via text messages and pictures. I highly recommend Coat My Car. Abe's impeccable attention to detail, broad knowledge base and superior customer service has made me one very loyal customer. My husband was so impressed with his work that he also had his car XPEL'd and tinted as well.

    Sandra Y.
    Laguna Niguel, CA 3/24/2017
  • Abe is our go to whenever we need a customer car detailed. He is also the only detailer I will let touch my own personal cars. When i had my M5 Bumper painted he was able to blend in the new paint to match the rest of my car. He went over every service he could offer that would match my time and budget. Abe is very knowledgeable with detailing products such as Opti Coat Pro. He has educated me on various aspects of how I should maintain my own vehicles as far as keeping them very clean. I always recommended Abe to clients and friends and I am fully aware of his potential now that hes opened his own shop.

    Alex R.
    Irvine, CA 9/13/2015