What Are the Benefits Of Paint Protection Film in Orange, CA

For your car to last, it needs some protection. That means installing something that can withstand the forces of the environment and preserve its appearance for you for years ahead! You can take a look at Paint Protection Film (also known as “PPF” or Clear Bra) to protect your vehicle from scratches, dings, and dirt.

What Is a Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film is a revolutionary new product that takes the way cars are protected from the elements to the next level. This invisible film, which covers exterior surfaces, is designed to provide the maximum protection for your paintwork and it has been proven time after time by automotive professionals all over Orange, CA who use it on their customers’ vehicles every day!

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Benefits Of Paint Protection Film

A high-quality paint protection film is a great way to keep your car looking like new. It can provide multiple benefits including:

  • Resistant to acidic corrosion and contaminants like bug guts, bird droppings.
  • Protects a painted surface against acid rain, mineral deposits, and soft water spots to name just three of its protective mechanisms.
  • Protect your vehicle’s original factory paintwork from the harmful effects of UV damage with this paint protection solution.
  • The paint protection film is used to protect paintwork against rock chips, gravel, and tree branches. 
  • These durable, long-lasting films will give you up to 10 years of protection!

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is a great way for drivers to protect their vehicles against harsh chemicals, acid rain, and bird droppings. There’s even more that you can do with these amazing ceramic coatings! You have many options depending on how much money you want to spend from 6 months up to 4+ years of protection all while maintaining the value in your car by looking stylish at any time!

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What Can You Expect From A Paint Protection Film Package in Orange County, CA

Paint Protection Film/Clear Bra

It’s amazing how much your car can change in just one year. Acid rain, industrial fallout, and harsh chemical products are all responsible for dulling that beautiful finish you love so much! Contact Coat My Car right now to learn more about our PPF services:


Your vehicle’s paint will look new and protected with this long-lasting protective film that resists fading, light impact damage, and oxidation. This is the highest level of protection for your vehicle.


Coat My Car warranties all of their PPF work, so you can be assured of the quality. Our PPF will protect your vehicle for up to 10 years!


You can make your car look better than new with paint protection film! By investing in our paint protection film services, we can be sure to keep your vehicle in the best condition and look new for years!

Ceramic Coating services

Ceramic Coating is a great way to protect your car from environmental damage, wash marks, and dirt while making it look new with minimal maintenance. The ceramic coating makes the vehicle more resilient so that you can clean it easier!

It is a well-known fact that Ceramic Coatings can add value and improve the look of your vehicle. 

Ceramic coatings are often the first line of defense against environmental damage, particularly those nasty UV rays that cause the paint to fade. 

The best way to protect your car is with a Paint Protection Film integrated with a Ceramic Coating package. For ultimate protection, use these two products in sequence on different areas of the vehicle for optimal results!

Protection Packages - Orange, CA

We want to make sure your car looks beautiful and in its best condition for years. That’s why we’re here, our experienced team has been working with PPF and Ceramic Coating for years, we have hundreds of satisfied customers around the Newport Beach area.

Level 1

This package is a budget-friendly option for those who want to protect their vehicle from the elements but aren’t quite ready to do a full vehicle PPF package. Not only does it come with protection on all sides, but you also get an amazing amount of luxury gloss that can’t be found anywhere else!

  • PPF - Rockchip Protection

    - Full front bumper wrapped in PPF
    - Headlights Wrapped in PPF
    - Mirrors Wrapped in PPF

  • Ceramic Coatiing - Gloss

    - 1 Step Polish - Swirl Removal
    - 2 Year Ceramic Coating
    - Windshield & Front 2 Glass Coated

Level 2

This package is designed to protect from those nasty rock chips. Not only do they have twice as much ceramic coating on Paint, Glass & Wheel Faces but you also be sure those at-risk areas are super protected!

  • PPF - Rockchip Protection

    - Full At Risk Front Areas Wrapped
    - Full Hood + Fenders Wrapped in PPF

  • Ceramic Coatiing - Gloss

    - 2 Step Correction - Swirl Removal
    - 5 Year Ceramic Coating
    - Windshield & Front 2 Glass Coated
    - Wheel Faces Coated

Level 3

This package is the Rolex of paint protection. You get complete coverage for rock chips & the full car coated in the ceramic coating to make the whole thing amazingly easy to maintain!

  • PPF - Rockchip Protection

    - Full Exterior Wrapped in PPF

  • Ceramic Coatiing - Gloss

    - 2 Step Polish (Showrrom Shine)
    - 5 Year Ceramic Coating Applied to The PPF Wrap
    - All Glass Coated
    - All Wheels & Calipers Coated
    - Front 2 Seats Coated With Our Special Fabric Coating

Customer Reviews
"Abe and Gino did an excellent job! Gave me a great quote and did a great job on my car. Highly recommend to."
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Rolando P.
Abe and his entire Team at Coat My Car provide the best overall solution when it comes to car care. They help you identify your own personal goals for your car. Not only is the vehicle inspected and assessed, but the customer is educated in making an informed decision that stays within budget. Thank you to Abe and his Team for protecting Emily, and making her look better than the 1st day she rolled out of the factory!
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Lawrence Ambrosio
"Abe's impeccable attention to detail, broad knowledge base and superior customer service has made me one very loyal customer. My husband was so impressed with his work that he also had PPF installed on his car and tinted as well.."
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Sandra Y.

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