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There is no secret that Tesla model cars are all the rage now and with some issues about their paint quality, it's important to protect your Tesla cars’ exterior or interior surfaces with Ceramic Coating for Paint Protection Film on them so you can preserve its look as long as possible! Xpel Fusion offers an elevated protection solution that's backed by warranties and documented on your CARFAX Vehicle History Report. The professional ceramic coatings are formulated for specific materials including plastics, leather, glass car paint, or wheels - giving you complete custom coverage inside & out with one easy ceramic coating application!

What Are Ceramic Coatings?

A professional paint correction and ceramic coating can truly protect your investment. We offer Xpel Fusion ceramic coatings, which are the industry leader in ceramic coating protection. 

It’s a revolutionary invisible shield that will help to reduce swirl marks, waterspot damage, bird dropping damage and more – all of which can result in permanent damage to your paintwork!

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What Are the Benefits of Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coatings?

Applying a coating like Xpel Fusion is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from harmful environmental factors that can cause permanent damage –  leading to oxidation, faded paint and corrosion. Once applied-it provides multiple benefits including the following: 

Reduces Staining On The Paintwork

We all know that stains from tar, sap etc are both unsightly and quite difficult to remove from painted surfaces. With the addition of a ceramic coating, your car adds an invisible defense against many common environmental stains that otherwise will cause damage to unprotected surfaces!

The clear coat on your car is vulnerable to the harmful chemicals that come into contact with it, but with this protection, you can protect your vehicle for years. It’s like having an invincible suit of armor for your pride and joy!

Reduces UV Damage & Oxidation

It is a well known fact that the UV rays from the sun can quickly cause your paintwork to start looking faded and dull. By applying a ceramic coating to your Tesla, we will be assured that your paintwork is glossy and looking in showroom condition for years to come!

Makes Your Paint Shine

There are many happy Tesla owners who have applied Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating to their vehicle. Not only do they get the added gloss but the coatings will also increase the flakes in the paintwork – allowing it to really pop, especially on a sunny day!

In a world where waxing has been replaced by Ceramic Coating protection, car owners can now enjoy an ultra high-gloss finish on their vehicle's surface and be assured of years of protection, not months!

What Sets Xpel Fusion Apart From Other Coatings In Orange, Ca?

Never wax again

Ceramic coating is the solution to all of your protection needs. Once applied, you will never need to wax your vehicle again and can enjoy a clean surface for longer!

Easier maintenance

This surface is designed to be very slick and hydrophobic, which means water and dirt will be repelled from the surface, allowing the car to stay cleaner for longer.

How About Paint Protection Film For New Tesla Owners?

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a clear, flexible but durable urethane film that’s stretched over the vehicle. This film can be applied to any painted surface after it has been cleaned and polished to protect against scratches from everyday wear-and-tear and accidental low impact damage.

The majority of PPF in use today have a long-term warranty against cracking, peeling, and yellowing. We use only the highest quality of PPF by Xpel, who are the specialist in paint protection film. This film is used to protect your Tesla from rock chips and other impact-related damage that can occur with everyday driving. It is the ultimate way to protect your vehicle, preserving its beauty for years ahead!

Coat My Car offers many detailing and protection services to keep your car looking its best. With a wide range of options, Coat my Car is sure you’ll be happy with any service they provide!

We offer very affordable prices and are more than glad to accommodate whatever detailing or protection problem you need support with; call us today at (714) 494 6047!

Customer Reviews
"Abe and Gino did an excellent job! Gave me a great quote and did a great job on my car. Highly recommend to."
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Rolando P.
Abe and his entire Team at Coat My Car provide the best overall solution when it comes to car care. They help you identify your own personal goals for your car. Not only is the vehicle inspected and assessed, but the customer is educated in making an informed decision that stays within budget. Thank you to Abe and his Team for protecting Emily, and making her look better than the 1st day she rolled out of the factory!
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Lawrence Ambrosio
"Abe's impeccable attention to detail, broad knowledge base and superior customer service has made me one very loyal customer. My husband was so impressed with his work that he also had PPF installed on his car and tinted as well.."
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Sandra Y.

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Coat My Car is your best option for paint protection film/clear bra and ceramic coatings in Orange, CA, and the surrounding area. With our wide range of services to choose from we are sure you’ll be satisfied with any service! We offer very affordable prices while being more than happy to accommodate whatever situation arises- so don’t hesitate any longer; give us a call today at (714) 494-6047!

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