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Where can I find car window tinting near me? - Coat My Car in Orange County, CA!

If you want to be cool and protect your family from harmful UV rays, Coat My Car - Newport Beach automotive window tinting services are the place for that. We use only Xpel Window Film so our customers have peace of mind knowing they’re getting their money's worth!

What Is Window Tinting?

Window tinting is a tinted thin film that adheres to the inside of car windows. It’s usually made from polyester and can help protect your interiors from fading due to UV rays and of course, keeps the interior cooler.

Tinting a car is not only to make it hard to see into and have a more appealing look – there are some other logical reasons too. For example, the tint will help protect your passengers from the harsh sun rays by reducing its heat, which is particularly useful for families with young children.

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Benefits of getting window tint

Uv Rays

Window tint is a great way to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. It blocks those damaging Ultra-Violet (UV) lights, which can be dangerous if you’re sitting in the car during daylight hours and could cause aging or sunburns on exposed areas such as the face, neck, and hands!


When it comes to the back of a car, there is no such thing as too much privacy. Window tinting on your windscreen will make it harder for people to see in your car, meaning less chance for thieves to see your property.


Night and daytime glare can be reduced to make your driving experience more comfortable.


With the windows tinted, it’s like your car is insulated. The darker tints can also protect against sun damage and make you feel safer on those hot days!

Good Looks

Tinting is a popular trend among car owners. Some people see tinted windows as the ‘must-have look’ for their vehicle, and that’s completely subjective of course but one thing’s certain: without it, you’ll be left with a normal-looking car that doesn’t stand out as much as a tinted car.

Some Questions You Should Ask Before Tinting Your Car

In the window tinting industry, auto tint is a cost-effective way to make your car more stylish, but they do come at an expense depending on the quality of the film. Window tinting will typically run between $100-$600 for an entire vehicle and higher-end brands may be more. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for - if this is something within your budget don't worry about looking cool because any low-quality film would just peel off after one day - which is why we use the best, Xpel Films!

Window tint warranties don’t just cover you for faulty materials, they also give the assurance that these high-quality products are safe. The warranty is dependent on the quality of the film you choose. 

Most tint offers UV protection that will help make your car cool, so you can ease up on the gas-guzzling air conditioner. Some use precision machine cutting to ensure a perfect fit for any window size and shapes to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

Window Tinting in Orange, CA - Why Us?

It’s not too often that you find a company that has such an extensive variety of services and products available. Coat My Car is one such window tinting provider. We have lots of popular services that include window tinting services, ceramic coating, and paint protection film in Orange County! Whether your situation arises on weekdays or weekends our team will be there with great prices to suit any need – give us a call today at (714) 494-6047 so we can help provide the service for your car you need.

We Use Xpel Window Film

It’s time to give your windows that cool, stealthy look without sacrificing comfort or safety. XPEL automotive window tint is here! It not only looks good but provides better protection than other types of films do – backed by industry-only lifetime warranties too.

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XPEL Window Tinting Newport Beach, CA

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Top-of-the-Line Technology

The carbon fiber and ceramic materials in our hybrid film can provide unmatched protection, while also being lightweight.

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Fade Resistant

Fading of the car’s interior is inevitable due to the UV rays from the sun, these can cause the interior leather and plastics to fade quickly.

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Rejects & Blocks

Great for passengers and interiors: exceptional rejection of heat and infrared rays, along with the power to block 99% of UV rays.

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The quality of these window tinting films means we are assured that they will not fade or peel. The adhesive on the window films is very high-quality meaning, if you ever decide to remove the film, it will not cause any damage to the original glass.

Customer Reviews
"Abe and Gino did an excellent job! Gave me a great quote and did a great job on my car. Highly recommend to."
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Rolando P.
Abe and his entire Team at Coat My Car provide the best overall solution when it comes to car care. They help you identify your own personal goals for your car. Not only is the vehicle inspected and assessed, but the customer is educated in making an informed decision that stays within budget. Thank you to Abe and his Team for protecting Emily, and making her look better than the 1st day she rolled out of the factory!
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Lawrence Ambrosio
"Abe's impeccable attention to detail, broad knowledge base and superior customer service has made me one very loyal customer. My husband was so impressed with his work that he also had PPF installed on his car and tinted as well.."
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Sandra Y.

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